SAS Paper cup machine(SAS Industry) is a part of Bharath Machines, AR Industry and Naga machines.

Fully automatic Paper cup machine in India.

We are the only Indian paper cup machine manufacturer, producing completely indigenous paper cup making machines for the past 10 years. We are also the first paper cup machine manufacturer to have ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our machines are highly succesfull and high quality machine with 100% Indian components has crossed hundreds of installations across the country with a big list of happy customers.

As our paper cup making machine comprises the best of Indian components from Siemens, ABB, Rolon, LGB & TVS, the availability of spares is never an issue. With our wide service network across the country and with experienced engineers, the machines downtime is effectively reduced proving high value on investment and success to our clients business.

Surpassing the quality standards of similar imported machines, we have established ourselves as a leading automatic paper cup machine manufacturer in India. Due to complete localization & indigenisation of our machines, our customers enjoy assured after sales service support, low maintenance costs and uninterrupted production. Please download our paper cup machine details in PDF.


Paper cup machinery market in India is flooded with numerous imported Chinese machines. Importers all over the country distribute Chinese machines in the market. The downside of these machines are usually the availability of spares, components and proper service backup. As there are no standard models that are established, and as newer models come with different spares & components, it becomes expensive and difficult to maintain the imported machines. Here is where the PC1000i scores over the imported machines. As our high speed paper cup machines are completely indigenous and makes use of the best locally available spares and components along with a wide network of service backup, we prove value for our clients investment.

Salient features of our PC1000i Paper cup machine.

  • Could manufacture 45 to 50 cups of various sizes, per minute
  • Could operate in both single phase and three phase power supply
  • Incorporates easily available and changeable moulds
  • Total power requirement of 3.5K Watts
  • Weighs more than 2000 Kgs.
  • Usage of PLC system that minimizes wastage
  • Manufactured with spares from leading companies like ABB, SIEMENS, LG, ROLLAND, and GENATIC
  • We send raw materials to your place itself
  • We also assist you to sell your products
  • The PC1000i is manufactured considering, the changing cultural and business opportunities and will give you a pleasant experience and business assurance.
  • The PC1000i is designed considering our countries industrial revolution and job opportunities and will be in the forefront of your success.
  • We would also like to say, our paper cup machines will definitely lift your economic status and success to greater heights.

A problem free machine with high technological standards and easy maintenance. Feature to easily change the moulds, Multi function error reporting system to find the production errors and a system to count the manufactured cups are a few advanced features of this machine.

  • Wall Paper Feeding
  • Wall Paper Sealing
  • Bottom paper Fixing in Wall
  • Cup Bottom Folding
  • Cup Bottom Curling
  • Bottom Sealing
  • Cup Top Curling
  • Cup Editing  are the 8 different processes that are used to manufacture high quality paper cups with our PC1000i Paper cup machine!

Unlike Chinese made machines, our machines are

  • 40% less noisy
  • 30% less vibrating
  • 25% and more savings in electricity
  • Simple technology
  • Twice in weight and strength
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Availability of ISI grade spares all over India and
  • Stable even after 24 hours of continuous operation.

Moreover, the ability to manufacture 330ml cups in our machines itself, is an added advantage.

We offer value & assurance that Chinese machine dealers could not offer -

  • One year warranty
  • One year free service
  • Supervised by the best technical experts
  • easily available spare parts
  • the best service network all over India are the unmatched salient features offered by SAS Industries all over India, that no one else could offer!

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